13 - 15 July

international independent
electronic music festival

Altes Wettbüro - Antonstrasse 8, 01097 Dresden
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Gorilla Concert

Live acts:

Friday - start 9pm

Saturday - start 9pm

Sunday - start 4pm


A collection of finest electronic music videos selected by Daniel Glaser


Publishing Media in the Web and Podcasts

synopsis: This workshop is going to show how to include audio/video media in HTML, and what can be done with it. The problem of file formats will be discussed. Rather than hosting on centralized services like Soundcloud, the Open Web is important for free culture. I will also show how podcast feeds can be syndicated automatically, leading to a convenient user experience for listeners.

workshop instructor (person in charge): Astro
date: Sat Jul 14th
start: 7pm (after the E.R.T. workshop)
duration: 30 min
workshop language: English or German, depending on audience
participation fee: nope
no registration needed

Ruinwesen presents:

Build your own MIDI controller out of paper

synopsis: We will build our own electronic paper midi controller. Out of cardboard, copper tape and an arduino, we will build a controller for Ableton Live and MIDI software/devices in general. Sliders, buttons, paper potentiometers, there is no limit to your imagination.

workshop instructor: Manuel Odendahl
date: July 15th (tbc)
start: 2pm
end: 7pm
workshop language: German / English
maximum number of participants: 8
deadline for registration: July 12th

further information:
Each participant should bring his / her own notebook.

participation fee:
You can bring your own arduino, or buy one from the instructor for 25,90 EUR. Other materials are provided free of charge.

via e-mail to Thomas Dumke (thomas AT
subject: "STFU paper MIDI-controller"

Curetronic and Circuitcircle present:

E.R.T.: a high-quality spring reverb

synopsis: By using the 43cm sized reverbtank (Accutronics 9´er series) classical spring reverb applications can be realized. The seperated input/output-drive controls provide a normal amplification of each signal. By using the whole saturation you get distortion. With the integrated VCF (lowpass with cutoff and resonance) its possible to sweep trough the frequency of the reverb signal. It could also be used as a „stand-alone-modul“ which is equiped with a seperated CV-in jack to modulate the cutoff freqency with external signals, like an LFO. In addition, we have added white noise which can be routed to the input signal or to the CV-in of the filter. The reverb spring is top mounted and provides another controlable factor for experimental sound design.

workshop instructor: Weber/Schmidt
date: July 14th
start: 2pm
end: 7pm
workshop language: German / English
maximum number of participants: 20
deadline for registration: July 8th

further information:
each participant should bring his / her own soldering iron

participation fee: 90,00 EUR
(inclusive material provided by Curetronic and Circuitcircle)
to be paid on site

via e-mail to Thomas Dumke (thomas AT
subject: "STFU E.R.T. workshop"


ddt podcast 37 - STFU Special

Listen to the STFU Special DOUBLE D TOWN podcast: mp3 download


stfu - radio special @ Buschfunk 2012-06-27

stfu - radio special @ Buschfunk 2012-06-27
interview with Stefanos Kourtis (DE/GR) plus music from:
Millicent - Reemer
Ufoel & Moriarty - Live @ stfu, Leeds, 2006 (excerpt from Liveset)
Deer - Live @ stfu, Heidelberg (excerpt from Liveset)


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STFU Dresden 2012 website is online!


What is STFU?

STFU is an open international collective of electronic music artists, which has formed and grown on the internet. Its members occasionally come together in the real world to make electronic music events happen. The result is the STFU festival: one or more days devoted to sharing the passion for electronic music. The STFU festival travels around Europe, connecting to the local scene at each destination and establishing a diverse international network of artists and enthusiasts.
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