What is STFU?

STFU is an open collective of electronic musicians and visual artists who use the internet as their main means of communication. It is a network of groups and individuals who come together to make live electronic music events happen.

How does it work?

An individual or group of individuals take the lead to make an event happen in their area. The STFU site is designed to provide a focal point for information regarding events. It is designed to inform people that events are being planned and to provide feedback from past events.

Netaudio in the Real World

Martin Hirsch created a documentary that follows the 2005 STFU Glasgow festival, featuring concert footage, visuals and interviews with many of the participants.
More info and download options here

How can i be involved?

Send an email to contact@stfumusic.org if you would like to organize an event in your area!

STFU Helsinki FI
24th - 25th August 2007